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Uppsala Bokbinderi is a lot bookbindery that uses PostSort. In 2003, they expanded their business to include addressing. They started by installing addressing as an 'off-line' solution. Since then, they have upgraded to be able to do addressing directly in the stitching line.

”Once we saw KC DATA's presentation, we stopped looking for suppliers. They had a good presentation and could offer the support we needed. Our expectations were completely met. We didn't think it would be so simple and it was better than we expected. We have always been well met at KC DATA. If we look for them, they call us and take care of everything quickly. When we are in the middle of a job and need their help, they solve the problem, often in no more than an hour. What is great about remote support is that we don't have to deal with problems that we don't understand; they show us what to do on the monitor screen while we talk on the phone. We see KC DATA as serious professionals with whom you are taking no chances. It is always pleasant to call them and we can even call about things that they don't deal with and still get some advice. We highly recommend PostSort to other companies and give the highest marks to KC DATA and their products.”

Uppsala Bokbinderi
Reference: Jonas Wallner
Phone: +46 18 – 12 60 90

Lundeby & Co Bokbinderi AS is based in Norway and mainly has printing plants as its customers. The company is a bookbinder with its business in packing and plastic bagging of magazines, weekly publications and annual reports, among other printed matter.

”We selected KC DATA for its price and its good references. They also offered conversion of address files, that is, the address label were placed as we wished, meaning less work for our operators. Kaj Christensen is a very important software designer who delivers solutions that are stable and work well. We see KC DATA as a professional, well-structured company and recommend their products to others.”

Lundeby & Co Bokbinderi AS
Reference: Helge Lundeby
Phone: +47 69 89 86 00

Bertex AB in Helsingborg, Sweden has nine PostSort addressing lines. It is a distribution company that works in plastic bagging, addressing and inserting.

We chose PostSort because we needed a large and serious supplier of mailing solutions. Our expectations were met and any problems we had were quickly and effectively solved. We were always well-met and got quick answers and quick help. We experienced KC DATA as very professional compared to other companies in the same field that we have contacted. They were very serious, very quick and not as rigid. We recommend PostSort to other companies in the field. The system as a whole works very well and definitely meets all the demands we have. If we have some needs specific to us as a customer, there is the possibility to customize. They meet our needs despite the fact that PostSort is a standardized program.

Bertex AB
Reference: Magnus Christoffersson
Phone: +46 42 – 12 07 46