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PostSort Preparation version 9.0

We have now the pleasure to present PostSort Preparation 9.0, with a redesigned GUI and many changes "under the hood". Hope you enjoy our effort.


MP1800i - New high resolution printer

PostSort now supports the MP1800i-printer. A high resolution printer at an attractive price. Read more on 21grams.com


Unifiedpost acquires 21grams

Unifiedpost Group, listed on Euronext in Brussels (UPG) acquires 21grams, with its headquarters in Stockholm and business in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. The acquisition offers Unifiedpost Group the opportunity to expand its activities in the Nordics and to add further services and products to their platform offering document, identity and payments solutions.

Read more on www.21grams.com




Hopefully you are all aware of that the new GDPR legislation is effective from today. We have tried to make things easier for you by adding file removal support to PostSort. See out short presentation
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21 Grams + HeltHjem = true

Brekfast seminar in Oslo regarding PostSort and HeltHjem
Frukostseminarie 5/12 2017


Posti Sorting Service

Did you know that PostSort has full support for Posti Sorting Service? PostSort and Posti is cooperating when processing an address file. As a result of this; Posti will distribute the mail in only 2 days, and not in 3 days which is standard from 2017.


Are you updated?

You will find the latest news about 21Grams and the postage market, by using these links:


KC DATA + 21Grams = 1

KC DATA started its business in 1991, and have since 2013 been a part of 21 Grams AB. We have now taken the next step, and merged with 21 Grams.


Press release - Norpost (Norway)

Upcoming liberalization offers new business opportunities...
Read the press release. Click here (In swedish)


New! - PostSort Plus

So are finally our new products PostSort Plus - Preparation and Lite available. We are looking forward to an exciting year with lots of new features in the software. We are about to release a postage optimization function, which will enable you to lower the postage fee for most of your customers. A real business opportunity. Call us and we will tell you all about it.


We have moved to Globen

We have moved to 21Grams office at Globen, Stockholm. You are welcome to visit us whenever you are in the neighburhood


KC DATA becomes a part of the 21Grams Group

By the acquisitions PostSort and KC DATA will have a strong owner. We see a bright future, and hope to be able to offer our customers new revenue opportunities soon. We, the KC DATA staff, will of cause remain and you will reach us using the same phone number as before. Press release
21 Grams


Print2013 at Kista exhibition hall in Stockholm

Print 2013 exhibition is on for February 5-7, and we will pressent exciting new revenue opportunities for our customers. Visit us at Müller Martini booth (stand B26)



PostSort now support appartment numbers

PostSort Preparation ( has just been released to our customers. One of the new features is support for appartment number when sorting an address file. This is required by Bring Citymail from January 1, 2013


Bring Citymail and apartment numbers

According to the “Standard of Swedish addresses”, apartment number is now a part of a Swedish address. Bring Citymail requires all pre-processing partners to use the apartment number in their sorting process starting 2013. The PostSort-software will soon meet the new requirements, enabling customers to re-certify in due time before 2013.


Norpost AS - New post operator in Norway

Norpost AS has existed for many years now, but has just started to deliver addressed items in Norway. We have done several tests with PostSort / Norpost, and will make the new version of PostSort available to customers at year-end.


Post Norway - New requirements January 1, 2012

Post Norway (Bring) has updated their sorting criterias from January 1, 2012. The changes are in the area of pallet destinations and sorting of bundles. Note that there are also changes to the product range.

An update for PostSort Preparation / Lite will be available just before Christmas.


Changes to Post Norway terminal structure

From May 2nd the terminal structure at Post Norway (Bring) will be changed. This as a result of the closing of terminal at Drammen and Hamar. We will release an update for PostSort about a week in advance.


Print 2011 - We are there...

The Print 2011 exhibition will be on from 9th to 11th of February. You will find us in the stand of Müller Martini. Welcome!


Post Norway - New requirements January 1, 2011

Post Norway (Bring) has updated their criteria for bundle labels from January 1, 2011. This is done to enable automatic sorting of bundles on post terminals.

We are now awaiting Bring to finalize the work at Östlandsterminalen (Oslo main terminal) before we release the update for PostSort Preparation / Lite.


PostSort Preparation ver 5.4 is released

A new version of PostSort Preparation is now released. Version 5.4 holds a number of new features and improvements which we hope our customers will appreciate.

Customer with a valid service contract will receive activation codes shortly, thereby enabeling them to download and use the new version.


Bring Citymail terminates their business in Denmark

Post Norway, owner of Bring Citymail Denmark, has decided to close down their business in Denmark. Since the decision was made, big efforts have been taken to secure the business by finding new owners. These attempts have now failed, so the process of closing down proceeds.


Post SE implements changes January 1, 2010

Post SE will terminate the existing low/normal price classification, and replace it with a new one. The new low price system will force you to include a zip code file when registering the shipment so the volumes can be calculated. Another change is that all shipments need to be registered electronically on their web portal, so if you don’t already have a login, make sure to get one. A new version of PostSort Preparation/Lite will be available in mid December 2009.